Goosey Gander Preschool     

Goosey Gander Preschool  

From Goosey Gander until now - over fifty years of nourishing young minds.

Arbutus Grove Children’s Centre has a long history of providing outstanding preschool programs to the Victoria community. We started as Goosey Gander Preschool and operated for over 46 years before moving to our new 1.4 acre site in September, 2004.

Located beside Frank Hobbs Elementary, our preschool offers full and half day programs for 3 and 4 year old children. In addition to our preschool we run an  an after- school program for kindergarten & grade 1 students attending Frank Hobbs Elementary. Our educators provide stimulating and engaging experiences that nurture each child’s sense of wonder. We believe a preschool should foster children's innate desire to learn through play, exploration, discovery and creative expression.

Our Preschool Philosophy

Self-directed play promotes growth and development in ways that cannot be achieved through the traditional approach of teaching pre-academic skills. Our preschool program recognizes the diversity of our children and seeks to meet the individual needs of each child’s unique development level and learning style.

Learning is enhanced by the expertise and collaboration of our preschool educators who provide developmentally appropriate activities that nurture each child’s natural curiosity.




Mission Statment

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